Breakfast Assortment

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Breakfast never tasted so good! Enjoy an assortment throughout the week or set up a weekend breakfast chacuterie board for friends and family. Start your day off with Gillian’s Foods. Price includes USPS Priority shipping!

Includes 2 mini coffee cake (6 packs), 2 mini blueberry (6 packs), and 2 buttermilk biscuit packs (2 packs).

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2 reviews for Breakfast Assortment


    I used to buy your foods and absolutely felt better eating your healthy foods. No I am 82 and live in a small apartment, small refrigerator and no room for buying in bulk. I wish I could purchase just for a week. Frustrated your products are not in stores.

  2. Vicky

    I love these mini muffins with coffee. My favorite way to eat them is warm. I remove the paper and place the muffins on a small foil lined baking pan and put the pan of muffins into a 300degree oven for about 10+minutes and when taken out, they have that fresh from oven taste and crispness. Yum So glad my husband found these at Market Basket.

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