Be Free For Me – Friday Favorite: Gillian’s Foods Bread Crumbs

This week’s Friday Favorite goes to Gillian’s Foods – the makers of some mighty fine bread crumbs!

Quick, easy and convenient these breadcrumbs are a “go-to” on those days that I just don’t have the time (or enough gluten-free bread heels!) to make my own.

I use Gillian’s Plain Bread Crumbs on chicken and baked fish. I also use these crumbs in my meatloaf, and as a crispy topping on baked macaroni and cheese. The plain bread crumbs are great because you can spice them up any which way you fancy (sage and thyme enhance the crumbs for my chicken, when dill and a touch of parsley work wonders on my baked haddock). There are also some great recipes on the Gillian’s website too.

Gillian Foods also has some other fabulous items, including brownies (these are deliciously dangerous!), pasta, garlic bread and hamburger rolls that taste like the real deal. Plus, all of Gillian’s Foods are gluten AND dairy free.

Making my dinner time prep speedy and easy is why this week’s Friday Favorite is awarded to Gillian’s Foods!

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