Our Staff

Bob & Sue Otolo, Owners

I’ve worked in food service all my life, from line cook to executive chef. I love my work but I found my passion and lifelong challenge when my daughter, Gillian, was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 1991. 
Since then, with the support of my beautiful wife, my team and I have created an amazing assortment of gluten-free breads and delicious desserts. Everyday, we here at Gillian’s, work to innovate and improve our line of safe and healthy foods, and make gluten intolerance easier to manage. I will always guarantee my products are 100% gluten-free. The health of Gillian, and others with Celiac disease, depend on this.

Gillian Sideri, Vice President

Gillian is a Vice President at Gillian’s Foods (and yes, the namesake of the company). She joined the team in 2005 part time while attending college. She graduated from Marion Court College with her associates degree and then furthered her education to become an LPN. Gillian now works full time in the office. “I have celiac disease and take great passion and pride in helping others with the same allergy I have.” Gillian’s dedication to the company offers great customer service.

Nicholas Sideri, Vice President of Operations

Nicholas joined the Gillian’s team in 2013 with over 10 years of Operational Management experience, holding several positions in and out of the food industry. Nicholas brings a tremendous amount passion and attention to detail that reflects on the rest of his team. As Operations Manager, he was responsible for overseeing production, purchasing, and financial functions of the business. He has a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Salem State University, and constantly strives for continuous improvement in both his team and himself.

Nick is HACCP Certified, PCQI Certified, SQF trained, OSHA trained, and is a ServSafe Instructor and Proctor.

Heidi Hakes, Executive Support Manager

Heidi joined Gillian’s in 2017 to support the team from the office and help as the company grows every year. She has been a big help to all, especially with sales and marketing.

Heidi has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Gordon College.