Celiac Central Newsletter – Hot Products: Gillian’s Frozen Pizza Dough

I recently moved to a new apartment which, to my great pleasure, is just a five-minute walk from a Whole Foods Market. On my first official outing to the market, I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face as I walked past the myriad of gluten-free options they offer throughout the store. Of course, I’ve been to Whole Foods plenty of times, but it’s usually for an item or two. I’ve never been conveniently located enough for me to browse the aisles for my entire weekly menu until now.

While I was shopping, I happened across Gillian’s frozen gluten-free pizza dough. I had to try it out that very night so, when I got home, I just left it out on the counter to defrost. To my amazement, the dough rolled out beautifully and was very easy to work with. I rolled mine out on greased parchment paper so I could just flip it into my pizza pan like a pie shell. It worked out great and I cannot say enough about the texture and flavor of this dough. It’s chewy, crispy and just plain delicious. I fell so madly in love I went back to the store that very weekend, bought more and tried my hand at making a Stromboli which, again, resulted in heaven on a plate. I have many, many plans for this miracle dough! The Gillian’s Foods’ website has a store locator feature that can help you find these products in a store near you. You can also order online.


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