Examiner.com – Legal Sea Foods Adds Gillian’s Foods Rolls and Buns to Their Gluten-Free Menu

I just had a fabulous lunch at Legal Sea Foods with some friends who also follow the gluten-free diet. We were able to meet their General Manager Matt Cormier who told us they are adding both dinner rolls and buns to their already extensive menu effective Friday (8/21). Both of these products are made by Gillian’s Foods.

We were lucky enough to be served their Everything dinner rolls warm with butter as our bread before the meal. These dinner rolls are loaded with flavor and are the perfect combination of roasted garlic, onions, poppy and sesame seeds. They have a nice springy texture with a slight crunch on the outside and are soft on the inside. They will also have Gillian’s French rolls for hamburgers and lobster rolls. The French rolls can be purchased locally at Return to Eden and various Whole Foods locations and sell for around $5.99 for a package of six. I have not seen the Everything dinner rolls locally, but I am sure they will be available at a health-food store soon.

The restaurant and its staff are trained on meeting the needs of the allergen-friendly diner, so much so that they take the extra time necessary to ensure a cross-contamination free environment. Their menu features fried items, as they have a dedicated fryer and use chick pea flour for breading, such as: calamari, fries, shrimp and fish.

Clam chowder, oysters, lobster (steamed, baked, stuffed) and scallops make this a gluten-free dining experience well worth the trip. I dined on the lobster roll mixture on a bed of greens, but I intended to go back after the French rolls have arrived to have a gluten-free lobster roll.

This restaurant has taken the extra steps necessary to reach out to gluten-free diners. I do hope you will consider trying out this seafood paradise!

For more info: Legal Sea Foods is located at 275 Baker Street in Atlanta. Access the website to view their gluten-free menu.

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