Thank you so very much for your quick and detailed response! I completely understand the issue and will most definitely continue to order directly from you. Really, I’d much rather order direct anyways to better support your efforts.

I can’t tell you how much of an impact your product has made on us. For my now 12 year old girl, being the “odd man out” has been a daunting task for us over the past four years (when we first found her sensitivities). My daughter wen through years of GI issues and we became experts on the FODMAP diet. There was a time that lunches were a great source of anxiety for all of us- what to make, how to eat so as not to draw extra attention, how to blend in. While we’ve gotten over most of that, she’s pretty happy to know she can make a killer sammy or enjoy bread with dinner that tastes amazing. Truly, we have tried every type of GF bread product. We made a game out of it and would literally have tasting panels in our kitchen. I tried to make my own– something I vow to never do again and tip my hat to those of you that can make that work.

Please, keep doing what you’re doing. We will continue to be fans!