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Tate Greco

I just wanted to let you know that i used your frozen gf pizza dough to make cinnamon rolls. They were awesome!

Kendra Mcmurray

I was recently diagnosed with MS and the first month after diagnosis was the most challenging. I read all I could and decided to change my eating habits. I removed dairy, gluten, and decreased my saturated fat intake. I didn’t have much trouble ridding my diet or dairy or saturated fat but I did find it hard to give up bread. Gluten free products were costly and many were bland. I found your product one evening by ordering a gluten free onion roll at Not Your Average Joes. It was so good I purchased a pack that same evening. My entire family actually prefers them over regular wheat dinner rolls. Lifestyle and dietary changes are hard especially when brought on my physical illness. Thanks for making me feel “normal” again


Thank you so very much for your quick and detailed response! I completely understand the issue and will most definitely continue to order directly from you. Really, I’d much rather order direct anyways to better support your efforts.

I can’t tell you how much of an impact your product has made on us. For my now 12 year old girl, being the “odd man out” has been a daunting task for us over the past four years (when we first found her sensitivities). My daughter wen through years of GI issues and we became experts on the FODMAP diet. There was a time that lunches were a great source of anxiety for all of us- what to make, how to eat so as not to draw extra attention, how to blend in. While we’ve gotten over most of that, she’s pretty happy to know she can make a killer sammy or enjoy bread with dinner that tastes amazing. Truly, we have tried every type of GF bread product. We made a game out of it and would literally have tasting panels in our kitchen. I tried to make my own– something I vow to never do again and tip my hat to those of you that can make that work.

Please, keep doing what you’re doing. We will continue to be fans!

Dmitriy Korabelnikov

I love your products they taste amazing and the price is great!!

Gillian’s brings gluten-free foods to Salem

SALEM — One of the biggest gluten-free food manufacturers in the region is now up and running in Shetland Park.

Launched in a Revere home more than 20 years ago, Gillian’s Foods was started when executive chef Bob Otolo and his wife, Susan, started making products for their daughter Gillian, who has celiac disease and cannot eat gluten, which is found in wheat, rye and many other grains.

He started with a French roll made without wheat products.

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The Chef’s Plate – Not Your Average Joe’s

Listen to chef Jeff Tenner talk about the Gluten Free menu at Not Your Average Joe’s, including bread made right at Gillian’s Bakery.

Gillian’s Foods New Factory Welcomed to City

SALEM, MA – Mayor Kim Driscoll and the Salem Chamber of Commerce welcomed Gillian’s Foods to Salem during a ribbon cutting ceremony on Tuesday.

Gillian’s Foods provides many gluten-free products to a number of local grocery stores and markets.

Gillian’s Foods new location is in Shetland Park at 45 Congress Street.

Their facility is dedicated to a gluten, wheat, tree nut and peanut-free environment.

Read the full article here.

Radio Entrepenurs Interview

Listen to Owner Bob Otollo, joined by his family, in this Radio Entrepreneurs interview. To listen to the interview, click here.

Frozen & Refrigerated Buyer – New Products: Gillian’s Foods

Gillian’s Foods, Lynn, Mass., launches frozen dinner rolls and brownies that are free of gluten, wheat and nuts. The products, all-natural and with no preservatives, are part of an extensive line you can read about at here.

Read the original article here.

Gluten-Free Living – Onions on a Roll

Gillian’s Caramelized Onion Rolls are a light roll with a big, sweet onion taste. If onion rolls are something you have missed, these rolls have a fragrant aroma when toasted and pair nicely with butter or cream cheese. The caramelized onion also adds a lot of flavor when the rolls are used for sandwiches. Gillian’s also makes cinnamon raising loafs and French rolls. Gillian’s products, ranging from pizza crust to frozen cookie dough, are sold in the freezer section of stores nationwide.

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Delight Gluten-Free: Gillian’s Foods Pizza Crusts

Wow! Had I bit into this crust without knowing what it was, I would’ve thought I was eating a normal pizzeria’s pizza crust! I definitely did a double take with this crust. It is not already seasoned, so make sure to kick up your sauce a notch for pizza.

PROS is sure to fool your non-gluten-free friends, easy to tell when the crust is finished baking, can be used in all kinds of recipes (even pastries).

Read the original article here. – Gluten-Free Brownies by Gillian’s Foods

Gluten-free brownies are a food some people can’t live without, but even if you are not a chocoholic or brownie devotee, these brownies are pretty special. For one, they contain some fiber (not often found in gluten-free desserts) just a tad of fat, which will probably encourage you to guiltlessly eat more of them than you otherwise would have. Nutrition aside, these brownies are deliciously fudgey. Taste-tested by a gluten-eater and a gluten-avoider, the review in both cases was undeniably positive. Excellent job, Gillian’s!

Read the original article here. – Legal Sea Foods Adds Gillian’s Foods Rolls and Buns to Their Gluten-Free Menu

I just had a fabulous lunch at Legal Sea Foods with some friends who also follow the gluten-free diet. We were able to meet their General Manager Matt Cormier who told us they are adding both dinner rolls and buns to their already extensive menu effective Friday (8/21). Both of these products are made by Gillian’s Foods.

We were lucky enough to be served their Everything dinner rolls warm with butter as our bread before the meal. These dinner rolls are loaded with flavor and are the perfect combination of roasted garlic, onions, poppy and sesame seeds. They have a nice springy texture with a slight crunch on the outside and are soft on the inside. They will also have Gillian’s French rolls for hamburgers and lobster rolls. The French rolls can be purchased locally at Return to Eden and various Whole Foods locations and sell for around $5.99 for a package of six. I have not seen the Everything dinner rolls locally, but I am sure they will be available at a health-food store soon.

The restaurant and its staff are trained on meeting the needs of the allergen-friendly diner, so much so that they take the extra time necessary to ensure a cross-contamination free environment. Their menu features fried items, as they have a dedicated fryer and use chick pea flour for breading, such as: calamari, fries, shrimp and fish.

Clam chowder, oysters, lobster (steamed, baked, stuffed) and scallops make this a gluten-free dining experience well worth the trip. I dined on the lobster roll mixture on a bed of greens, but I intended to go back after the French rolls have arrived to have a gluten-free lobster roll.

This restaurant has taken the extra steps necessary to reach out to gluten-free diners. I do hope you will consider trying out this seafood paradise!

For more info: Legal Sea Foods is located at 275 Baker Street in Atlanta. Access the website to view their gluten-free menu.

Read the original article here. – Gluten-Free Cinnamon Raisin Rolls by Gillian’s

These are great rolls to partner with tea or coffee – and no excuses necessary to your gluten-eating friends because these are gluten-free, since the texture and flavor are delightful and they are jam-packed with raisins.

They toast beautifully and are perfect with whipped cottage cheese (try it flavored with cinnamon), peanut butter, jam and butter or margarine (they’re dairy-free). Keep a bag in the freezer and you’re always ready for brunch guests.

Read the original article here.

Wheatless & Meatless – Gluten-Free Caramelized Deli-Style Onion Rolls by Gillian’s

If you grew up in the New York City area, this detail photo is probably no mystery to you.
It’s your old deli favorite, the onion roll!

This roll from Gillian’s Foods, a great gluten-free source, has flecks of golden sweet onion mixed in the with dark toasty bits for a totally oniony flavor that enhances everything from a simple cheese sandwich to a triple decker club. Onion rolls are often the base of deli dining at its finest, and if you’re gluten-free, you’ll be glad they’re no longer just a memory.

Here’s the onion roll hard a work with the Original BeastlessBurger™ peeking out below the tomato. The roll toasts up nicely, not necessary, but if you like a toasted bun, good to know it’s not a problem.

Today I had the bun with tomato,mozzarella,romaine and olive tapenade. Perfection!

Here are some other Gillian’s products you might enjoy: Apple Pie, Brownies, Cinnamon Raisin Rolls, Penne and Spaghetti, all gluten-free, of course!

Read the original article here.

Wheatless & Meatless – Gluten-Free Apple Pie by Gillian’s

Gluten-free apple pie is the height of comfort food for many people. I’m usually a crust rather than crumb fan, because I find most crumb toppings overly sweet. Not the case, here. Perfectly sweetened. And the filling is neither heavy or gluey. This is one where the apples play their rightfully starring role. In fact, given the overall excellence of the pie, this may win over many top-crusters to the crumb team. Well done, Gillian’s!

Read the original article here.

Living Without’s Favorites: Father Knows Best

It started with a dad trying to make palatable gluten-free bread for his daughter’s lunch. Young Gillian had just been diagnosed with celiac disease and her father, executive chef Robert Otolo, worked until he created a loaf that won her approval. Thus, Gillian’s Foods was born. Lucky for us. From bakery items like bread, pizzas, pies and mixes to ingredients like rice flour, potato flour and tapioca starch, Gillian’s offers products that are free of gluten and dairy. No nuts or peanuts either. And now there are Gillian’s Everything Dinner Rolls, frozen wonders of garlic, onions, poppy and sesame seeds, that bake in your oven and melt in your mouth. Make more than you need. These rolls won’t last long.

Read the original article here.

Be Free For Me – Friday Favorite: Gillian’s Foods Bread Crumbs

This week’s Friday Favorite goes to Gillian’s Foods – the makers of some mighty fine bread crumbs!

Quick, easy and convenient these breadcrumbs are a “go-to” on those days that I just don’t have the time (or enough gluten-free bread heels!) to make my own.

I use Gillian’s Plain Bread Crumbs on chicken and baked fish. I also use these crumbs in my meatloaf, and as a crispy topping on baked macaroni and cheese. The plain bread crumbs are great because you can spice them up any which way you fancy (sage and thyme enhance the crumbs for my chicken, when dill and a touch of parsley work wonders on my baked haddock). There are also some great recipes on the Gillian’s website too.

Gillian Foods also has some other fabulous items, including brownies (these are deliciously dangerous!), pasta, garlic bread and hamburger rolls that taste like the real deal. Plus, all of Gillian’s Foods are gluten AND dairy free.

Making my dinner time prep speedy and easy is why this week’s Friday Favorite is awarded to Gillian’s Foods!

Read the original article here.

Celiac Central Newsletter – Hot Products: Gillian’s Frozen Pizza Dough

I recently moved to a new apartment which, to my great pleasure, is just a five-minute walk from a Whole Foods Market. On my first official outing to the market, I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face as I walked past the myriad of gluten-free options they offer throughout the store. Of course, I’ve been to Whole Foods plenty of times, but it’s usually for an item or two. I’ve never been conveniently located enough for me to browse the aisles for my entire weekly menu until now.

While I was shopping, I happened across Gillian’s frozen gluten-free pizza dough. I had to try it out that very night so, when I got home, I just left it out on the counter to defrost. To my amazement, the dough rolled out beautifully and was very easy to work with. I rolled mine out on greased parchment paper so I could just flip it into my pizza pan like a pie shell. It worked out great and I cannot say enough about the texture and flavor of this dough. It’s chewy, crispy and just plain delicious. I fell so madly in love I went back to the store that very weekend, bought more and tried my hand at making a Stromboli which, again, resulted in heaven on a plate. I have many, many plans for this miracle dough! The Gillian’s Foods’ website has a store locator feature that can help you find these products in a store near you. You can also order online.

Read the original article here.

Preparing For Our Children’s Future – Gillian’s Foods Product Review!

While planning and doing research on healthy products for my “Spring Into Health” blog event, I found Gillian’s Foods! I was really impressed by their great site and All the items that they sell.
Thanks to the great folks at Gillian’s Foods, I was able to try several of their products and I have to say, I give them 5 stars for their products & their customer service and look forward to trying more of their products in the future!
I highly recommend that you go and check them out and try some of the products while you are their!
You can order their products online or check HERE to see if stores near you sell Gillian’s Foods! I noticed that the Whole Foods market sells Gillian’s Foods!

I love the idea and fact that they make so many of their products from rice flour! How neat is that?
This company was started when the owner’s (an executive chef) daughter was diagnosed with Celiac Disease when she was six years old, and he started experiments for making bread and bread products that his daughter and others with Celiac Disease and food allergies could eat and enjoy!

Want to learn more about Gillian’s Foods?
Read this From Gillian’s Foods and visit the site:
“Our facility is dedicated to a gluten, wheat, tree nut & peanut nut free environment.
Our products include gluten free rolls, gluten free bread, gluten free pizza dough, gluten free pizzas, gluten free pie shells, gluten free pies, gluten free bread crumbs, rice flour, potato flour, tapioca flour, gluten and wheat free mixes. You can choose from our wheat free, gluten free and dairy free foods that will help you maintain a balanced, healthy diet — without sacrificing the taste you deserve. We provide foods you love, without the harmful ingredients you must avoid.”

The spaghetti noodles from Gillian’s Foods were the best spaghetti noodles I have ever tried!
They do not have to cook as long as other spaghetti noodles and are very rich! I can hardly wait to try their other noodles!

I used the breadcrumbs for meatballs, and some to top my chicken casserole! Yum!

The garlic croutons are so crunchy and tasty! I look forward to using more of them on a big Caesar salad! =)

Gillian’s Foods sells flours to make your own breads, and they sell mixes. The breads, pies, cookies, muffins and pizza crust look SOO great!

While you are visiting Gillian’s Foods, you should check out Chef Bob’s recipes and Chef Bob’s cooking video on making pizza!

You can follow Gillian herself on twitter! And keep up with all the food shows, news, etc!

Hope you enjoy their great products and pass along the word to everyone you know!

Happy & healthy eating to you and yours!


Read the original article here.

Gluten Free Manufacturing Plant Keeps it All in the Family

A daughter’s dietary needs led to the establishment of a niche bakery in New England. Now the family firm is riding one of the fastest-growing trends in the food industry.

Onetime Yankees pitcher Lefty Gomez famously said, “I’d rather be lucky than good.” Some Red Sox fans ask, “Can’t we be both?”

The fans in question happen to be bakers specializing in gluten-free goods. They form the operations and management team at Gillian’s Foods, a business established in 1992 in the home of Bob Otolo to meet the needs of his daughter and other sufferers of celiac disease.

Read the full article here.

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The Best of Gluten-Free Awards!

Gillian’s Foods has been nominated in two categories: Best Gluten-Free Brownie and Best Gluten-Free Brownie Mix. Simply being selected as a finalist is a commendable achievement, but there will be only one winner in each category. These ultimate winners will be determined by popular vote. So make sure you get the recognition you deserve by encouraging your fans and customers to vote for you in the Best of Gluten-Free Awards.

Featured in The Gluten-Free Pantry – GF Pasta Review: Gillian’s Fusilli

Before going gluten free, pasta was a staple around here. We would eat it at least twice a week, sometimes more. We do love pasta.

We pretty much stick with the Tinkyada brand, but when the wonderful people at Gillian’s Foods sent me a sample of their fusilli pasta we were eager to test it. The ingredients are the same as the Tinkyada: whole grain brown rice, rice bran, water.

Since my son prefers his pasta plain (with only a little olive oil), we are pretty tough pasta testers. I cooked the fusilli in salted boiling water for 10 minutes. The timing was just right – cooked through but not overcooked.

The instructions on the bag say to rinse and drain. I generally don’t like to rinse gluten free pasta so I skipped the rinsing. The pasta really held up. It was not mushy as some GF pastas can be. I think this fusilli would hold up quite nicely in a salad or casserole.

We thought the Gillian’s pasta was great and we will certainly be purchasing more. Gillian’s pasta is available at Whole Foods and the Gluten-Free Mall.

Read the original article here.

Gluten-Free Products Are Going Gangbusters

The gluten-free market is thriving, and products are improving in terms of taste, texture, nutrition and their ability to replicate traditional products. Is this why so many people eat gluten-free whether they need to or not?

Eating “gluten-free” isn’t just a fad. The consensus in the scientific community is celiac and non-celiac gluten sensitivities are indeed bona-fide conditions with numerous — and potentially serious — manifestations.

Strict, life-long gluten avoidance is critical to those with celiac disease, a chronic, inflammatory autoimmune disorder affecting approximately 1 percent of the population in the U.S. And gluten avoidance isn’t easy. Foods containing gluten are abundant.

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Growth of Gillian’s Foods mirrors gluten-free market surge

The gluten-free market has evolved since the early 1990s when Susan Otolo had trouble ordering a hamburger for her daughter Gillian. Restaurant workers had no idea why they needed to take off the buns. Celiac disease, which Gillian has, and gluten-free products were hardly known back then.

Bob Otolo, Gillian’s father, started developing food items for his daughter, which led to the creation of Gillian’s Foods. Today the gluten-free bakery delivers to retailers nationwide.

Read the full article here.

Gluten-free food maker Gillian’s Foods is moving to Salem

Gillian’s Foods, is the largest food manufacturer on the East Coast dedicated to gluten-free products. And they’re moving to Salem.

After outgrowing not only their Revere home, but three other locations in Lynn, they plan to move into 20,000 square feet of vacant industrial space at Shetland Park, overlooking Salem Harbor. The new facility is currently under construction and due to be complete in August.

Read the original article here.

Amy Fulton

“I cannot begin to thank you! I have not had a decent piece of pizza since I was diagnosed with Celiac 4 years ago UNTIL tonight. I almost ate the entire pizza, who knows- if I go by the kitchen again I may polish it off. I must say that you aided in the destruction of a week of weight watchers but what fun it was! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! I am going back to the store tomorrow to tell them how good it is as I clear out their stock. I also called my Dad and told him his days of eating cardboard pizza are over too. I honestly do not know who you made happier, myself and my Dad who suffer from Celiac or my husband and Mom who rarely get to eat pizza anymore because they live with celiac sufferers. My compliments to the Chef!!!!”

Kathy Hawk, High Falls, NY

“At last, a Gluten Free apple pie, and it’s delicious. The apples aren’t too sweet. The crumb topping is crunchy. And it came by UPS, ready to pop in the oven. Thanks Gillian’s. Oh, and the ‘everything’ dinner rolls are a big hit here too! You have a new fan.”


“After 3 years trying different breads and not finding any thing close to real bread. I happened to see your French bread at a store that has gluten free products. Well, the rest is history. Your bread is delicious and is so close to actual bread made with regular flour. I no longer feel deprived of not being able to eat bread. Also have bought the Cinnamon Raisin bread and it is also delicious. Thank you for providing this product.”